What is a Mystery Shopper – Get Paid to Go Shopping on Your Schedule

Your asking yourself what is a mystery shopper. Mystery shoppers are undercover customers who gather information about quality, service, cleanliness and other issues on behalf of business owners. Mystery shoppers go into stores, restaurants, hotels, apartment complexes, spas, and all kinds of businesses posing as customers asking questions, making purchases, returning merchandise and other things that regular customers do, but with a twist.

Afterward, the mystery shopper completes a report form. As a mystery shopper you’re not saying what you thought about the experience; you are reporting what happened. Most of the questions on a mystery shopping report are yes/no questions. Were you greeted within 30 seconds? Was the cashier polite? Was your order run up correctly? Were you given a receipt? Most companies have their mystery shopping programs managed by companies that specialize in mystery shopping. Mystery shoppers may be male or female. What they have in common is that they all have good communication skills, they care about customer service, and they enjoy helping businesses improve while making money in their spare time.

What is a mystery shopper in simple terms. A mystery shopper, also called secret shopper or shopper, pretends to be an actual or potential customer of a business. Depending on the research assignment, you will be asked to act like a real customer of the business – try on a wedding dress, test drive a truck, stay in a motel, open a checking account, eat in a restaurant, buy a bicycle, even apply for apartment rental. For example read the New York Times article about a New York Woman that makes $7000.00 per month by mystery shopping! Not everyone makes that much, but I can guarantee that if you like to shop and would like to get paid for it, then mystery shopping is the perfect job for you.

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Vintage Shopping in Lisbon

Lisboans typically do not value second hand clothing as much as new designer fashions. Just as Lisbon apartments are nowadays styled with a modern interest, so Lisbon locals generally like to experiment with new fashion concepts. There are however, a couple of vintage store gems dotted around the city centre, which are really worth a dig around when shopping in Lisbon.

The most famous and most central, is A Outra Face da Lua. Located in Baixa Pombalina, this extensive vintage store concentrates itself on high quality vintage gear, with second hand dresses, shoes and unique garments through the decades. What’s more, its fun 70’s styled café is the epitome of pretty. With a mouth-watering selection of accessories and fabrics to match, A Outra Face da Lua really does itself proud as the principal outlet for vintage wear in Lisbon.

Trendy as ever in Bairro Alto, the Rua da Norte street presents two more excellent spots for vintage and second hand shopping, among its unique design boutiques and curiosities.

The musically inspired El Dorado store in Bairro Alto has a great selection of vintage clothing, including traditional flamenco skirts and accessories, with a range of vinyls and Fado music for perusal.

For a taste of Americana, check out the Bad Luck rockabilly vintage store further along the street. Sistered with a tattoo shop, Bad Bones, this store revolves around the Deep South and rockabilly styles, with vintage clothing, jackets, skirts and other compliments all pertaining to 1950’s rock’n’roll.

Catch the famous Tram 28 out to Campo de Ourique to find designer vintage, at the Be Vintage boutique, located here. For a selection of second hand luxury labels such as Dior, Versace and Prada, this little store is an original treat for shoppers who want to splash the cash on classic quality.

Last but surely not least, a better contender for vintage and second items of any description, be it clothing, furnishings, vinyls, jewellery and bric-a-brac, has to be the Feira da Ladra fleamarket in Alfama. This open market definitely deserves a look for fans of second-hand items and be prepared to barter. But thanks to its humble standing and laid-back vendors, there are many vintage clothing bargains to be had, at a snip of the trendy store prices.

Vintage Shopping in Lisbon; Address Index

A Outra Face da Lua, Rua da Assunção 22, Baixa

El Dorado, Rua do Norte 23-25, Bairro Alto

Bad Luck, Rua do Norte 91, Bairro Alto

Be Vintage, Rua Almeida e Sousa 51, Campo de Ourique

Feira da Ladra, Campo de Santa Clara, Alfama

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5 Factors to Consider Before Buying Kids Toys

Shopping for toys for your kids might sound like a simple task but it is actually quite complex owning to the options available. Unless you want to waste your money buying items that no one will want, it helps to carry out some research so that you can buy the best products. The idea of ​​buying the toys is to give your kids items that they can enjoy playing with. There are some factors that you should consider before you go shopping.

The function

When choosing the product, consider if it is a passive or active toy. Most younger kids prefer something that they can actually play with actively, as opposed to just looking at it. Look for items that the kids will enjoy for a long time.

Age appropriate

Consider the age of the children when buying the toys. You need to buy toys that your kids can actually use without your help. Instead of being fun, a complex toy will be frustrating for the child every time they try to use it. On the other hand, it is a good idea to select items that they will not outgrow too fast.

Assembly required

Think about the effort it takes to assemble the toy, and if it has to be assembled every time it is used. The last thing you need is to spend time putting together the toys. If you have a dedicated playroom, you can invest in a toy that will take up space for a long time. It might also help if the child is old enough to do the assembling.

Space available

The size of your home will determine the most appropriate toys. If you have a basement or play room where your child can spend time, you can choose a large toy or toys that take up a lot of space. If, on the other hand, space is an issue, make sure that you choose appropriate toys that will not result in clutter filling your living room and get toy bags to help with storage.

Quality of the item

While there is nothing wrong in trying to get a bargain, buying cheaply made toys is not usually a good idea. Apart from being dangerous, the products fall apart after a few uses and you have to replace them with something new. This means that you will end up spending more in the long run. A good quality toy will be around for a long time.

When shopping, determine how much play power you can get from every item that you buy so that you can make the most cost effective decision.

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Shopping Mall Leasing Strategies for Real Estate Brokers

The leasing of a shopping mall is a specific strategy relative to the location, the property type, the customer demographic, and the landlord. All factors come together to contribute towards a successful leasing outcome and tenancy mix.

It should be said that a successful leasing strategy will contribute towards the greater the benefit of the property. More customers will be encouraged to visit the property and purchase goods or services. On that basis retail leasing is quite special.

Here are some tips to help you with leasing a retail mall in today’s property market:

  1. Understand the vacancy factors that apply to the precinct or location. An excessive number of vacant tenancies will have an impact on market rentals and incentives. Check out the factors of supply and demand that apply within the region. Look for any new property developments that could have an impact on tenant movement and market rentals.
  2. Understand the types of incentives that can be offered by the landlord to attract tenants. Also understand the requirements of tenants when it comes to incentives in today’s market. Any vacancy that you have available for lease needs to be matched to the prevailing market conditions. That will include the rental types, and the incentives offered. The landlord needs to adjust to the prevailing market conditions. Get some details of comparable rentals and other properties nearby to help the landlord understand the packaging of their vacant tenancy.
  3. It should be said that a lease incentive cost should be recovered through the rental structure over the lease term. In other words, any money that is lost or offset in the incentive availability should be recovered by rental growth and escalation across the lease term. You can do this calculation through an assumption of market rentals and a discount cash flow calculation. The net present value of the deal can be compared across the duration of the lease.
  4. Successful leasing executives usually have a substantial database of retail tenants to contact. Any new leasing opportunity can be offered through the database to targeted tenants, anchor tenants, retail specialists, franchise groups, and other industry professionals. Any vacancy can be directly marketed to these groups through cold calling, direct contact, e-mail marketing, and direct mail.
  5. It is acceptable and normal to market a vacant tenancy through the generic media. That will involve newspaper advertising, and Internet listing. There are costs associated with that marketing activity and the landlord should contribute towards those costs.
  6. Most successful leasing transactions occur through the involvement of the leasing executive and direct marketing to the right people. I go back to the point that the database for each broker or agent is quite important to converting more commissions and listings.

It should be noted that any quality property in a good location will create good inbound enquiries. If you are selective with your property appointments and vacant tenancies, you will create more churn and activity in property leasing.

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Shanghai’s Top 10 Shopping Markets

Shanghai’s top 10 shopping markets are under review!

On Nanjing Xi Lu, in mid-May, the temperature is heating up. A delivery man stops his bike, gulps down a drink and unthinkingly tosses the empty plastic bottle on the ground. Western observers are scarcely able to suppress their indignation at such careless littering, but within seconds a man carrying a garbage bag walks by and picks the bottle up.

A moment later another man, plying a similar trade, approaches from the opposite direction. There is a short territorial dispute over who is entitled to this precious piece of litter.

For residents in certain Western countries – Canada and Germany for example – sorting the garbage has become a near full-time job. Newspapers, cardboard, plastics and bottles must be separated and even tiny violations can lead to forfeiting the right to have one’s trash collected. In Shanghai, on the other hand, there is a market in waste. Peddlers of recycled materials come to your home, weigh your ‘goods’ and pay to take away your garbage.

Men ride through communities with loudspeakers calling out kongtiao, diannao (air conditioner, computer). This familiar sound signals the trade in used electronics and household appliances, which, once discarded by city folks, are either sold to factories to be used as scrap or taken directly to the countryside where – if the items are still operational – they are sold on to less discerning customers. Here everything is bought and sold.

Dongtai Lu Antique Market, 87 Dongtai Lu, by Fu Xing Lu (6328 1589), is a treasure trove of old coins, books, propaganda posters and curiosities where bargaining skills are required to get a good price. Fenshine Fashion and Accessories Plaza, 580 Nanjing Xi Lu (5228 2372), is a popular substitute for Xiangyang Market selling imitation branded bags, pashminas, watches and other simulated luxuries – often indistinguishable from the authentic items, although quality varies enormously.

Hongqiao Flower Market, 718 Hong Jing Lu, Honqiao, sells fresh flowers, plants, vases, planters and handicrafts.

Hongqiao Pearl City, 2nd floor Hongmei Lu, by Yan’an Lu, is filled with booths selling pearls, semiprecious stones, coral and turquoise jewelry.

Nihong Kids Plaza, 10 Pu’an Lu (near Jinling Lu), a vast underground kids’ market, provides a one stop shopping venue for children’s clothes, shoes and toys. There is also an indoor play area where youngsters can romp while you shop.

Shanghai Xin Mai Peng Electronics Market, 638 Qiujiang Lu, 91 Baoshan Lu, and 723 Qiujiang Lu, is a great cyberpunk haunt – the place to go for gray-market technology products.

South Bund Fabric Market, 399 Lujiabang Lu (near Liushi Lu), provides a wonderworld of fabrics, from silks and cottons to brocade and cashmere. The market has highly skilled tailors who can produce or reproduce just about anything made of fabric, including well-cut men’s suits and elegant evening gowns.

Qipu Lu Wholesale Market, Qipu Lu, near Henan Lu, is overwhelmingly crowded but cheap, selling clothes, shoes, accessories.

Yatai Market, Metro Station of the Science and Technology Museum, Pudong, the rather sterile and dull version of the old Xiangyang market, nevertheless hosts an impressive assortment of gift shops, luggage stores and knock-off items.

Yuyuan Bazaar, Fuyou Lu, by Jiujiachang Lu, bustles with traders selling Chinese lanterns, chopsticks, faux silk qipaos and hongbao. The adjacent Fuyou Lu Antique Market provides another option for those in search of antique collectables.

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How to Optimize Your Tenant Mix Analysis

In a retail shopping centre, a tenant mix analysis remains the most important part of property performance. When you get the tenant profiles and mix well balanced you can drive more sales to the property and strengthen the rental for the landlord. It is an 'equation' of property performance, and it should be respected.

In these times where retail shopping and shopping centre performance is under some pressure, it is essential that you do a property business plan once per year and bring into that plan key elements of activity and planning. The parts of that plan should include:

  • Tenant mix analysis
  • Tenant mix strategy
  • Lease standards
  • Anchor tenants
  • Vacancy management plan
  • Vacancy marketing
  • Income and Expenditure analysis and benchmarks
  • Customer profiles
  • Sales records for tenant segments
  • Marketing strategies for the property
  • Landlord lifecycle plans
  • Tenant retention programs
  • Capital expenditure and refurbishment initiatives
  • Maintenance planning
  • Competitor analysis

So let's go back to the point of analysing the tenant mix. Here are some ideas to help you get started with that.

  1. What anchor tenants do you have in the property and how long do they have remaining in occupancy? If your anchor tenant is important to the property and the mix (that is likely to be the case), you will need a renewal or replacement program that is in place to resolve any vacancy threat.
  2. Specialty tenants should be well matched to the property and the shopper. The placement of specialty tenants should occur in 'clusters' that encourage sales and shopper attention. If a shopper purchases goods in one shop, the adjacent shops should be complementary to potentially extend the sale potential from each shopper purchase.
  3. Some of your tenants will be 'destination' in type. That means you will see people visit that shop regardless of its location. A post office is a good example. In a shopping centre it is good to have a few of these destination tenants and spread them into locations where they benefit the overall tenant mix.
  4. Look at the 'permitted use' as detailed in each of the tenants leases. For example, and when it comes to food courts, it is important to ensure that the 'permitted uses' and 'exclusivities' noted in each lease are respected. One of the most common problems in a food court is the sale and providing of 'coffee'. If you have a major coffee shop retailer in the shopping centre, you could be destroying its trade by allowing every other retailer to sell coffee. That is where a 'permitted use' strategy is useful.

Taking all of these issues, you can plan the tenant mix and tenant profile in the property. A successful retail property is all about strategy and planning. If you manage or lease a shopping centre, it is your job to recognise that fact and implement the plan.

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Online Shopping Tips and Suggestions

Online shopping means purchasing goods or services over the internet. It might also be termed as internet shopping. There are a number of ways one could shop online and there are a few steps and requirements that need to be fulfilled before one could shop online. The vast majority of businesses require the use of credit or debit cards for purchases over the internet, so the first thing you need to do is get yourself a credit or a debit card if you do not already have one.

Next you need to find the product you are after, its retailer, its price, its delivery charges and delivery timescale. There are a number of ways you can find products or services over the internet. You may either use a search engine such as Google, Yahoo or MSN. They normally have a search box on their homepages where you can key in the product name. One of the mistakes people do while searching for products through search boxes is that they put in the whole question instead of the product name.

For example someone looking for a dog harness mistakenly uses the phrase “where can i buy a dog harness” in the search box rather then simply the keywords “dog harness” as it should be. Search boxes are not humans who we can ask questions, there are certain ways of using them and one of them has just been mentioned. Or you may use shopping websites, directories and so on that offer price comparison facilities.

Once you have keyed in the product name, the search engine or price comparison website would return a number of matches with their relevant retailer name. You may then visit the retailer website by following the link provided by the search engine or price comparison website and look for shipping information, product availability, delivery timescale and other information that should help you complete your purchase.

Depending on how the website is configured, the majority would ask that you create an account with them before checking out, it is best that you setup an account as it would help you track your delivery and also assist with any returns issues. The rest is self explanatory. If you are new to online shopping, it is recommended that you first familiarize yourself with the process by following the steps given above or even seek help from a friend who has bought stuff over the internet previously. However keep you credit card details confidential.

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Reasons of Attraction for Online Shopping

In the competitive world all of us are running to save our precious time. The mass number of people do prefer online as the source of purchase as it is too convenient. The act of buying products is referred the word shopping. Sometimes this is done for a pleasurable activity and sometimes to get fulfill for your basic requirements like, food and cloth. We can see the outcome of this explosion all around us. The majority of the consumers preferred to shop online.

An individual can purchase almost everything based upon their choice and needs. Just on a single click all your essentials get delivered at your doorstep. Shopping through online is such an user friendly that you need not require to stand in a long queue to make your payment. Most of the people love online shopping because it makes things much easier and smoother. The business organizations preferred this channel as a scope to access into a worldwide network. The demands are increasing day by day.

The three important factors for every commercial organizations are acquisition, retention and enhancement can easily maintain. It helps out to reduce the pressure, save your energy while buying, and you can easily check and compare the value with other. The shoppers can shop more frequently through online portals. One can get almost everything in one place at a cheaper cost. A consumer living in any country of the world can consume their deserving product. The customers are also accepting it as a channel to give a gift that would be of superior quality, and also reasonable in price. The buying and selling through online plays an important role in many people’s lives. Online shoppers can select any time of the day or night to shop in a free mind, even you can do it from home or from your workplace. A person just needs to log onto the Internet, visit the preferred website to shop online and select the items based on their desires and easily get the delivery at the mentioned time. They can purchase a variety of things from shopping online.

Online Shopping has a numerous advantage. It is the shopping destination of the internet users across the country. E-commerce provides a way out of smarter shopping. It is designed with the modern technology for the development of internet. Shopping online permitted you to buy things without distracting your daily schedule. The English entrepreneur Michael Aldrich invented online shopping in the year of 1979. It is a strategy used to learn more about the customers need in order to make a stronger relationship with them. It’s an option to create lifetime customers by delivering on promises consistently. The market has already created its impact and has proven its uniqueness on the eye of the customer.

Some exclusive features make it more popular like you can get free shipping delivery as well as cash on delivery. The expectations of all the customers are different according to each of their age, gender, experience and culture. You want to purchase an item that are not available in your hometown area you can easily order it through online shopping. Lots of people considered it as a perfect way of shopping for getting the attractive offers at discount rate. The goodwill of online shopping helps to enhance the business. Growth and development of the industry indicate the development of the economy. It is one of the easiest technique to focus on the customer needs so that it’s in a position to provide total customer satisfaction and build customer loyalty. It fulfills all of your needs for every occasion.

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Common Reasons Why Individuals Visit Mobile Phone Repair Shops

Mobile phones have been an essential part of an individual's life. For one, mobile phones are used to accomplish tasks at work since phones these days can be used to send e-mails, create graphs, and many more. Next, mobile and smart phones make use of apps. These apps can be used to make tasks a lot easier such as renting, buying, and even finding services and products. And, mobile phones help individuals make and take calls easily anytime and anywhere. Unfortunately, there are cases when individuals need to visit mobile phone repair shops due to issues with regard to their phones. Below are some of the reasons why individuals visit repair shops.

Broken screens

As of now, the most popular mobile phones are equipped with touch screens. Sadly, due to negligence, unexpected falls and slips; screens can be damaged or broken. As a result, it is important for individuals to visit repair shops. Luckily, repair shops can easily fix and replace broken or damaged screens.

Buttons that do not work

Another common reason individuals need to visit phone repair shops is due to buttons that fail to work. This issue commonly occurs due to improper use of buttons, falling, or water damage. Thus, phone technicians must carefully check the phone. In case that the buttons are totally damaged, it is best to replace them with authentic replacement parts.

Battery and charger problems

Most individuals use their mobile phones to connect to social media sites or perhaps to play offline and online games. Because of this, batteries can be damaged easily. Apart from that, some mobile and smart phones may also have issues with their chargers. So, it is important to visit repair shops. This is essential since fixing this issue on your own can make the issue worse.

Virus and other application issues

Virus and other applications can threaten your mobile and smart phones and even personal information saved in your phone. In order to deal with this issue properly, it is best to visit repair shops. Technicians can get rid of different types of viruses. In addition, application errors and glitches can be prevented to ensure that your phone is working properly.

Dead phone

Finally, mobile phone repair shops can also help you fix dead phones. Dead phones are commonly caused by viruses or perhaps damaged board. With the help of phone technicians, they can help you fix dead phones, which can help you cut down your expenses in buying a new one.

By knowing all these, individuals can easily deal with mobile phone issues. Here the Click for more.

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Save Your Time and Energy Through Online Shopping

With the advent of the internet, human life has become much easier. People use the internet to pay their monthly bills, to book travel tickets and for shopping. You can save a lot of time and energy by shopping through online. In online you can purchase anything you want by just sitting at home. You need not waste time for travelling to the shop or for any shopping mall. You get a different and interesting shopping experience through online shopping. All the leading brands have their own website, where they provide all the relevant details about their products and services. Online shopping is the right choice for purchasing any electronic items.

Computers are the most common electronic goods sold through online. You can purchase different brands of laptops and desktops from an online store. To make an online purchase, you need to place the order in the respective website. Once you select the model of the computer you wanted to buy, you can pay for it by using your credit card. After you are done with the payment, the product will be delivered to your home within a few weeks. If the computer is readily available, it will be delivered immediately and you can get it within a week at the maximum. If you have ordered for a computer with many specifications, it may take more time to be delivered.

Before proceeding with online shopping, you must decide the model and the brand you want to buy. This in turn depends on your usage and the purpose of buying a computer. If you want to check mails and prepare documents, you can simply opt for a basic model with minimum features. If you are looking for a computer for official purpose or for gaming, you have to select a system with many features. There are numerous brands of computer and each brand will have different features. So, according to your needs and preferences, you can choose the brand and the model.

You need to be very cautious and careful while buying from an online store, as you are dealing with costly products. You must ensure that online transactions are done in a secure way. So, it is always better to choose well-known websites for online shopping. You can take suggestions from your friends and peers to know about the most reliable website for online shopping. Before choosing any new website, you must read reviews about the website to know about its authenticity. Only if you are well convinced about the website, you should go ahead with the online shopping. There are many famous websites which mainly deal with online shopping. When you purchase through these websites, you need not worry about the security aspects. A website can be considered to be authentic and secure if it has ‘s’ after the protocol code (https://). By using this technique you can find out the authenticity of any website before you make an online payment on their website.

Make sure that you read the policies and norms of the website before buying computer from online stores. A few online stores will mention their guarantee and money back details on their website. You need to be aware of these details before you purchase a computer from them.

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